Hydroelectric Generating Capacity

Hydroelectric Generating Capacity
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Contents of Hydroelectric Generating Capacity

NRG Expert, the market research company, has completed extensive research into the Generating Capacity of all the major fuel types. To demonstrate their extensive expertise in this area of energy research, NRG Expert are providing this Briefing on hydroelectric power generation on a complimentary basis.

Hydroelectric Power Generation

This NRG Expert Briefing is a report on hydroelectric power generation. It reviews the generating capacity of  large hydro power plants, small hydro power plants and Pumped Storage, outlining the trends.

The installed hydroelectric power generation capacity of the world increased from less than 50 GW in 1950 to an estimated 1,165 GW in 2015. This report outlines how the global hydroelectric power generation capacity is expected to continue increasing over the next few years.

Since the mid-1960s most growth in hydro generation has been in Latin America, which has reported a 17 fold increase in hydro generation from 1965 to 2009. In second place is Africa with a reported seven fold increase in generation. Asia Pacific and the Middle East both have experienced a six fold increase while North America, Europe and the CIS have experienced a two-fold increase in generation.



Introduction to hydroelectric power generation

Large hydro power plants

Small hydro power plants (SHP)

Pumped storage for hydro power


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